Plywood Source Services

Plywood Source owns and operates 3 mills in the Hanoi, Vietnam area. We exclusively import and wholesale to the North American market. We have the ability to produce plywood panels, plywood components, solid components (doors/frames/drawers) as well as ready to assemble kitchen cabinets kits.

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Our mills exclusively manufacture for our parent company meaning the sole customer is also the boss. Hence from day 1, our quality requirements have been far above traditional mills who sell to multiple, unaffiliated customers.
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We own our supply chain! When markets tighten, most mills auction their capacity to the highest bidder on a weekly basis. However our customers attain the benefit of premium, steady quality and fair pricing with assured capacity.
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Over 95% of our sales are to long-term partners whom purchase on futures. Our goal is to keep our over 1000 employees busy and the best way to do that is by being a reliable supplier to our customer-partners.
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Our agility is one of our greatest assets. Because we peel logs to make core veneers, we have a unique ability to custom tailor thicknesses and core layers.
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On-Time Delivery

We dictate when and what our factories produce. We also contract directly with multiple steam ship lines. We are not perfect, but we do outperform the vast majority of the market.
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Competitive Price

We are not the cheapest nor is that our goal. What we do offer is the best price:quality proposition in the business.